Price: 117.01 - 65.47

Baseus Invisible Phone Ring Holder

– Ultra thinness of 2.1 mm
– 120° opening and closing
– Metallic texture
– Strong attraction

With the Slimness Design We Create the Perfect Hand Feeling

You don't feel it when you are not using it

With the Slimness Design It Can Be Easily Packed into Pocket

Never make your legs uncomfortable or block your pants pocket when it is packed into your pants pocket.

With the Slimness Design,It Can Be Perfectly Fit to the Desktop

Parallel and close to the desktop,it never affects the phone charging on the desktop.

It Is Claimed Couldn't Be Thinner But Actually Can Be Even Thinner

As slim as 2.1mm, similar to the thickness of the coin of RMB 1 Yuan.

Not only Slim It Can Also L ift 25 Mobile Phones

Imported nano 3M adhesive, capable of bearing the weight of 5kg.

Not only Slim You Can Also Enjoy lts Premium Texture

Forged with 99.9% zinc alloy, light, luxurious and exquisite texture.

120° Opening Angle Fit by Wrapping with Fingers

Naturally fit finger radian, never feel uncomfortable when held with single finger.

Support Horizontal and Vertical Modes Free Your Hands Now

Built-in Magnetic Sheet Fixed when Released

Can be freely attached to the car holder with magnets and other magnetic attraction accessories

Free Rotation Easily Swipe Screen with One Hand

360° rotation with round disk, effectively increasing the area for swiping screen. Easily operate your phone with one hand no matter how large your phone is

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