It can be very hard for beginners to play medium pairs when playing No Limit Holdem. Medium pairs from 2 7’s to 2 Jacks can be tough to play and you need to have some good judgment when you are dealt them.

If you are dealt a high pair you will want to raise when it is your time to act. If you have a pair of Jacks or 10’s you do not want to let an opponent into the pot for nothing, as low limit poker players will limp into pots with an Ace or King high hand. You do not want to let opponents with these types of hands into the pot cheaply, which will give their over card they have a legit chance to beat your hand.

Usually if you have a medium pair it may not be a good idea to re-raise, but beginner players will often call a re-raise if they are not in position with a medium pair after they have raised before the flop. So now you are in a pot that has been re-raised and an opponent has position. Medium hands should not be re-raised by you because if you are behind, a flop set will have to come out..

Conversely, when you are in position on another player who has raised it may be a good idea to re-raise them if you hold a pair of Jacks or 10’s so you can be the one who has control of that hand. Generally this will make opponents check to you on the flop. If the flop comes out and they are all over cards it may be a good idea to check rather then bet so you do not have to risk being check raised. You have to be cautious when the flop has an over pair when you have a medium pair because if an opponents acts big there is a legit chance the one pair you have is not good, even if it is the case that it is bigger then any card that is showing on the board.

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