There are only a couple of “nevers” that apply to casino table games. One of them is NEVER reach into your pocket to bet more than your original buy-in, the other is NEVER QUIT A WINNING STREAK.

A winning streak can come at any time, and last any duration. You just don’t know, so you have to play it out until it is over.

Maybe it will just be a run at a particular table, or maybe it will be an entire playing session, or maybe it will be the entire weekend, but until you start losing, keep on playing!

Let me share a story about one of my winning steaks. It lasted for an entire day and it was the greatest day I ever had gambling in my life.

It was not the most money I have ever won, but it was the greatest streak I was ever on.

Just to set the story line; we flew into Las Vegas on a Friday night planning on staying through Sunday afternoon, my bankroll was $1500 and my table buy-in was $100.

We had an up and down weekend through Saturday night and were about even.

We got up Sunday morning and after breakfast checked out of the hotel, left our bags with the Bell Captain, and planned on playing a few tables before heading to the airport for our afternoon flight home.

We were staying at the Golden Nugget downtown and decided to walk down to the Union Plaza Hotel and give it a try…this is where the streak began…I hit a craps table for about $3500, had one “helluva” run. We went back up the street to the Golden Nugget and hit another craps table for $900 or so, then went across the street to The Horseshoe and hit a blackjack table for another $150.

By this time my pocket was bulging with money, so I gave everything other than $100 bills to my wife. We called it the “crumbs”.

The winning streak continued ALL day, and everything other than $100 bills went in my wife’s purse. Every time I played that day I won, $180, $240, $460, $1290, $130 on and on it went.

We used the “crumbs” to eat our meals and pay for any expenses we had that day. I think we stopped for shrimp cocktail about four times.

We obviously changed our return flight and checked back into the hotel for the night.

Finally sometime late that evening I lost at two or three table in a row. The streak was over.

When we got to the room, my wife emptied her purse and had over $900 in “crumbs”…and I had thousands in $100 bills.

What a day that was! What a winning streak that was!

Had I stopped playing because of my flight schedule I might have still gone home a winner because of the first table, but would have not ended up with the thousands I did take home. I would have quit the streak before it was over and would have never known what I missed. But, because I rode it to the end I MAXIMIZED my winnings and had one of the best days gambling ever.

Just like life itself you have to have a game plan and be prepared to take advantage of any situation you might find yourself in.

Know your play. Know your way.

Source by David Shippey

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