Price: 56.53

1Pcs Bluetooth Remote Shutter Bluetooth Adapter Wireless Release Remote Selfie Accessory For Mobile Phone Control Photo Camera


1. Can be docked with the cell phone bluetooth, no extra software needed.

2. Support the iOS system, Android system

3. Applicable to nearly all the phone models in the market, including for iPod/iPhone/iPad/i9220/i9250/i9300/i9500/i9190 and some other Android 4.1 above phones.

4. Can be used to take long distance photos up to 10 meters in the absence of obstacles.


1. Press the power button, LED flashing;

2. After power on, press the bluetooth pairing key, LED flash slowly. The bluetooth steps to a state that can be searched and matched;

3. Use the mobile phones to match. LED will be out after the success of the pairing;

4. Long press the corresponding configuration key. LED will light up after configuration. The product can be used normally at this time.

5. Without using for five minutes, the product will automatically enter a dormant state. Please press the power button to turn off the timer when not in use, to ensure that the battery can be used for a long time.

6. Can be charged with PC devices or mobile power adapter. LED on — charging. LED out — saturation.


Function Keys: On/Off, Bluetooth pairing, Photograph, Android Configuration, IOS Configuration

Weight: 10g

Size: 5.3*3.3*1CM

Type 1 bluetooth´╝îIf you choose shipping from oversea warehouse, we will send you this type bluetooth´╝î
Type 2 bluetooth´╝îif you choose shipping from China, we will send you this type bluetooth

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