International Game Technology hosts one of the oldest wide-area progressive jackpot networks in the land-based casino world. Established in 1986, the ‘MegaJackpots’ network has been around for decades and has made dozens of players into multi-millionaires.

The MegaJackpots network made its debut in 1986 with the release of the Megabucks land-based slot machine. The game’s prize pool linked jackpots from several Megabucks games across Nevada, making for some of the biggest jackpot prizes ever seen in the casino gambling world.

After witnessing the immense success of the Megabucks slots game, IGT decided to expand the brand. Soon, the jackpot network was made available on a wide range of games. Some of the releases that followed Megabucks included the Addams Family, Wheel of Fortune and Elvis.

Over the years, the MegaJackpots progressive network has awarded over $3 billion in prizes. The biggest jackpots ever awarded in land-based casinos have come from IGT’s jackpot network, including a win at Las Vegas’ Desert Inn Resort worth over $34 million.

Whenever a player wins the grand prize, the jackpot for every game in the state’s network is reset. This base amount varies depending on the jurisdiction. Most of the prizes awarded by MegaJackpots are paid out in annuities, so players cannot claim it all at once. However, there are some exceptions. Mega Jackpots Instant Winner, Addams Family and Slotopoly are some of the games that offer up lump sum prizes.

Recently, IGT has launched its MegaJackpots network in the online casino world. Currently, there are three progressive jackpots in the network: Monopoly, Cluedo and Cleopatra. The jackpot for the network seeds at $1.5 million, so players are always in for a life-changing prize. The network’s most recent prize was worth $3.25 million.

Whether a MegaJackpots game is located in the online casino world or a land-based gambling venue, the grand prize is triggered in the same way. Players must line up five jackpot symbols on the middle payline. The jackpot is triggered during the base game, so players do not have to compete in any additional bonus rounds. However, most games in the network offer up unique bonus games that allow players to earn extra cash in addition to base game prizes.

IGT continually adds new games to its MegaJackpots network. CSI, Sex and the City, Ghostbusters and The Twilight Zone 3D are just a few of the latest land-based titles available in the network. In the future, we can expect to see more online MegaJackpots games.

Source by Jillian M Giordano

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